About the Photographer

Shaye Elliott is a photographer located in North Central Washington, where she lives with her husband (Stuart) and four children (Georgia, Owen, William, and Juliette). She has been photographing for her blog, The Elliott Homestead, for the last decade and has written, photographed and published three books: Welcome to the Farm, Seasons at the Farm, and Family Table. 

Shaye spends her days tending to her flower gardens, milking her cow, shepherding her flock of sheep, and raising her four children. Her photography was born out of a need to celebrate the everyday magic that surrounds life at her small cottage. Everything that you see photographed is from the Elliott's small farm.

She shoots with a Nikon D850.

Wholesale pricing and custom sizing available. 

Shaye can be contacted at shaye@theelliotthomestead.com.